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What If you can manage The Unknown systematically? Yes, NOW you can!

With the Serendipity Management Process!

One Belt, One Road, One WTP

Fair Trade Guaranteed by the Serendipty Proces


Road to Peace & Prosperity for All

Afghan Dream:

Afghanistan as Trade Center between Europe and Asia with Serendipity as a Guideline for Fair Trade

Peace & Properity for Afghanistan end of 2018

Step 1: Spreading of The Blue Swan Theory for peace, health & total Safety ( jun 2013....onging )

Step 2: Connect economic development with the shrinking regions in the Netherlands via

World Trade Port and Silkroute ( 2017..2018 )

Blue Swan Theory landed in Kabul on june 2013

Blue Swan Teaching by Sadat in Kabul in 2014

The Netherlands have a better plan for Kunduz via Cyber Space


Actvities in Aghanistan (2013-2018):

- Spreading of The Blue Swan Theory for Efficiency and Serendipity ( 2013..ongoing )

- Building 6 Trade Ports...see website ( 2016- ongoing )

- Planning projects in Kabul with the Serendipity Management Proces ( 2017 )

- Spreading of Serendipity Management Proces ( or Blue Swan Theory ) to the World...All 3000 WTP's ( 2017-2018 )

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