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What If you can manage The Unknown systematically? Yes, NOW you can!

With the Serendipity Management Process!

One Belt, One Road, One WTP

Fair Trade Guaranteed by the Serendipty Proces


Road to Peace & Prosperity for All

Trade Port 1, Breda Central, will co-ordinate the 3000 WTP's all over the World

Trade Port 1 is calling! ...from Cyber Space

Is there anybody out there?

The WTP and Silk Route Blue are initiatives of Bayze Int. Ltd.

Activities in The Netherlands in 2017:

- Informing companies, government, provences, banks, investors, etc.

-Start planning projects using the Serendipity Management Proces and making deals about the efficiency savings.

- Investing 10% of the efficiency savings in (re)starting and further development of the World Trade Port Software.

Willemstraat Breda

Willemstraat, WTP1 Boulevard, Breda

The Netherlands


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